“El Tendedero”

El Tendedero / The Clothesline Project

 Mexico City Based Artist Mónica Mayer

(National Museum of Women In The Arts)

Photo credit to Yuruen Lerma

“In this exhibition, Mexico City-based artist Mónica Mayer transforms the clothesline, a traditionally feminine object, into a tool designed to engage the community and facilitate a dialogue around women’s experience with violence—including topics such as sexual harassment, domestic violence, and trafficking.” — National Museum of Women in the Arts

This exhibit took place in cities and communities throughout Mexico , South America, and the United States. It asked women of all social classes and ethnicity to write on the pink ballots responding to the statement, “As a woman, what I dislike most about my city is…”. The installation was seen as a channel for women within certain community to address certain issues that concerned gender inequalities, and it also serves as a channel for women from different communities to recognize the difference and similarities of struggles women face universally.

photo credit to Yuruen Lerma
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