1. Introduction


This piece is the Venus Symbol that can be identified as the gender symbol of the female. The title explaining the issues of public policy and how it connects towards the justice that needs to be acknowledged for women that went through domestic abuse. During the Second Wave of Feminism (1960s-1980s) taboo topics such as women getting beaten by their husband were being exposed throughout America. Organizations such as The United States Commission on Civil Rights were helping with this movement by creating this artwork that can perceive in different ways. By which from my perception at first, I thought because all women are different in some way, their voice and who they perceive themselves may not fit towards the ideal idea of what a woman is, and that is why the Venus Symbol is displayed in different shades and shapes. When having the concept of domestic abuse in mind, I began to think about how a woman’s voice and her experiences are different than someone else going through the same general trauma. By labelling women and not giving the ability for all to have their voice heard it results in a separation of women, which is something that can’t happen if we want to move forward toward. The reasoning why I chose this as my primary object has I thought it was a great way to express how women all over may feel inside internally, and the reason why some women who have gone through domestic abuse and don’t speak up is because they feel that they don’t have a voice. Ensuring that women from all over have the ability to understand each other’s difference and enforce society that their ideas are unrealistic and how these women’s experiences need to be heard. The reasoning for this is so that by exposing what these women have gone through we can try and prevent it from happening to other women and find solutions for these women to have the ability to get back on their feet. Taking their words and helping create a movement towards emphasizing that society’s views on women need to change because living in a male-run world does not give them the right to treat women as if they are not human as well. Overall, this piece brings out the idea of women and the problems society has created with the idea of public policy and how to deal with women that go through traumatic experiences.

Main Goal

My main goal throughout this website is to bring up the awakening of women who went through domestic abuse has the ability to have their voices heard during the Second Wave of Feminism. From the different pictures displayed throughout the website, they all have a story of their own and by giving my viewpoint on each piece, they all fit in a way that took these women’s voices and tried to make a difference. By helping those in need, and showing how this topic still problematic today would help towards trying to prevent and show the warning signs if one is in an abusive relationship or not.  Going against society and its ideals would help end the authority/power men seem to think that they have over women. 

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